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Asset Inventory – What An Asset Inventory Specialist Does

Asset Inventory – What An Asset Inventory Specialist Does

Standing in front of a group of people at a networking event, I confidently and proudly state that I am an Asset Inventory Specialist. Before continuing to describe my business, I wait a few seconds to receive feedback via facial expressions.

This exercise immediately tells me a few things about my fellow business owners at the meeting. It is obvious who really knows what an asset inventory specialist is. Usually these are the insurance agents, accountants, and financial planners in the group. Also, savvy business owners nod their heads, appreciating the fact that they know and have hired an Asset Inventory Specialist.

It is also quite apparent who has no clue what I do, as they either have a blank stare or quizzical expression they are sharing – usually unknowingly – with me.

Often, rather than telling about my home and business inventory company, I will tell them what I do, instead. This actually explains a personal property inventory business, and also removes any questions about what I inventory and what I do not arvskifte. Understanding the difference makes it much easier for people to refer the proper type of inventory company to meet the needs of a specific potential client.


Hang tags and record items that are waiting to be sold in retail stores.
Provide you with the annoying beep-beep-beep of the retail scanner.
Count bubble gum and other consumable goods in convenience stores.
Count and record the raw materials coming into a manufacturing facility.
Count and record the finished product leaving a manufacturing facility or distribution center.


Create a document that helps assure financial security.
Develop relationships with their clients.
Create a video or album of digital photos of the personal property.
Count and record the contents of homes and businesses.
Create a detailed list of many items in the home or business.
Understand all the reasons for a home or business inventory.
Provide updates to the previously created document.
Work with after-loss clients to help them lessen the loss they are facing.

Asset Inventory Specialists do not count and record consumables. Their focus is protecting assets through the process of insurance claim recovery, remembering and proving what a business or a company owns, helping people when faced with the post-loss daunting task of creating a list of their belongings, creating an estate inventory for the executor of the deceased, and many other life events.

The demand for asset inventory specialists is growing as the industry gains momentum. There are requests coming in to inventory companies that cannot be fulfilled. As the number of inventory companies continues to grow, these demands will be met. It won’t be long before it will be general knowledge as to what an Asset Inventory Specialist does.