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Can I Cut My LED Strip Lights?

Can I Cut My LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are among the most versatile types of lighting available and also this is not just as they are flexible. LED Strip Lights may be cut to custom lengths, which means they are potentially made to fulfill certain requirements of any setup.

As soon as it is likely to get your lights cut by a professional, the process is so simple that you can even get it done on yourself. If by way of instance you will find your strip lighting is marginally too long for the area in which you want to install that, you could cut out a section off the end to ensure it is fit. Otherwise, if you get a large, single strip of directed lights, nevertheless, you’d like two distinct pieces, you can cut off the strip in two.

LED Strip Lights could be trimmed 5 or 10cm periods (based on the amount of LEDs per metre) all in their length. The”cutting points” are clearly marked using a straight line and also a diagram of some of scissors. To different your strip lights, cut along this line by means of a pair of scissors or craft knife. Always verify the tool you’re using is sharp, being a blunt tool may cause damage to the circuit board.flexible led strip

Because of their design, LED Strip Lights will continue to work even after they have already been cut. That is because their circuit is wholly closed in each cutting point. If you are removing a section from the conclusion of one’s strip light, always make sure that you are removing it by the conclusion away from the adapter.

If you’re cutting on you strip lights into just two parts and plan to utilize them as two separate installations, you’ll even need to perform a bit of soldering. At each clipping stage there ought to be a streak of solder things (circular metal disks ), two when it comes to only colour bulbs and 4 in the case of colour changing RGB. To add a new amount of 2 4 or core core cable, then you will need to solder the cables to their corresponding solder points (which must be clearly marked with this purpose).

Soldering isn’t a tricky undertaking, but obviously requires the prerequisite tools, which most individuals don’t possess. Asking an electrician to perform the soldering on your behalf may also work out to be fairly expensive as you are of course paying for their time. The most economical, and safest choice is always to ask your merchant to prepare all ahead.