Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Expose Gapping Flaws In The Casino Gaming Laws

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Expose Gapping Flaws In The Casino Gaming Laws

Without getting into a moral or religious battle regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Casino gaming, it’s evident that something is terribly wrong with the gaming legislation since they exist in many components of the nation.

Hurricane Katrina Destroyed all the Casino’s across the Golfing Coast across the Louisiana, Mississippi Border. Hurricane Rita took out the Casino’s at Lake Charles Louisiana. Both states have regulations requiring casinos to be drifting on water. In the Mississippi gulf Area the casinos are a important manufacturer of income plus also a major source of employment. Once a choice was designed allowing casino gaming from the Republicans not allow gaming blackjack.

In Mississippi that the Casino Barges had been pitched around town. You will find pictures of slot machines disperse all over the bottom. This makes one wonder how much additional damage has been achieved by those flying Casino’s. Does it not make far more sense after you make a decision to allow gaming that the casino has to be constructed in buildings together with true foundations capable of resisting Hurricane conditions.

Many cities move after major companies seeking to get them to construct inside their cities. In what other business do you state about a big employer we want one to set up shop

our town but you must place your center onto a floating Barge in region that’s likely to become hit by Major Hurricanes. Not a lot of businesses would choose an offer like that will they?

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