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The impact of religion and spirituality on mental health

The impact of religion and spirituality on mental health

Discover the results generated in your life by having a healthy relationship with yourself and how your energies are channeled, in a completely different way, when you have an adequate control of your emotions.

The title of this page contains three concepts that are often misinterpreted by some, and that is why I want to express my point of view about them.

I begin by saying that the idea of ​​God is that in which a Higher Being is posed as the giver of all things. Such a term has been coined in many civilizations, and in our case it has been Jesus Christ who has made part of that piece of our history as a representative deity of Catholicism.

In other places they are Buddha, Confucius or Allah, which are nothing more than variations of what we know as the concept of God, and which is constituted according to the culture and traditions of each place لفك السحر.

Second, religion is the set of doctrines that are established as lifestyles to the followers of one of these specific deities. They can be called directives or commandments and each follower, depending on the deity in which he believes, will adopt a lifestyle based on a set of beliefs (such as his perception of marriage, sexuality, manner of dress or how he relates to the world, among others).

Each of these doctrines has thousands of variations, such as the case of Christianity, which despite sharing the same God has different dogmas that adore it in different ways (such as the Protestant churches).

Now, what differs greatly from those first two concepts is the third idea: that of spirituality. This seeks to provide an optimal and healthy balance on the control of all emotions and energies of each human being from their inner being to the world around them, in order to find an ideal well-being between the mind, the body and the spirit.

The big difference with the other two concepts is that everything is worked from inside and not from outside.

In spirituality there is no deception, since the subject must face himself ‘yes or yes’, at least if he wants to find peace and serenity.

All human beings are spiritual, whether or not we believe in a God or whether we follow a specific religion or not, since the only faculty of generating negative or positive emotions and that our actions affect our life, and the world around us, makes us entities of energy.

For example, a person may not believe in God or any religion, but the ability to feel emotions such as love, hatred or trust cannot be amputated. That is a faculty that humans have without exception, unless they suffer from a disorder. Therefore, all human beings are spiritual.

Nor can they disengage from having sad or encouraging thoughts, such as feeling incapable of something or thinking that they are a failure. An imbalance in those emotions and thoughts will bring problems to your life independent of what you believe, and if you do not work, you will never find peace.

That is why we see religious people completely bitter and frustrated, as well as atheists who are completely happy and successful.

It’s all about how they handle their emotions and how they control their energy. That does not depend on God but on how he is communicating with himself.

I believe deeply in God and I see it as the guide that helps me make the right decisions, but I cannot leave it up to Him what is my responsibility. If we all understood this we would have a better, healthier and friendlier world.

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