Bible Study Tools That You’ll Eventually Want to Have

Bible Study Tools That You’ll Eventually Want to Have

Your Bible study can be very rewarding by simply reading and meditating on the Bible all by itself. In reality, such meditation is essential to spiritual development. But to find out more, having the right tools is vital cfa level 1 study material pdf.

Obtaining a study Bible is where to start. However, since your Bible studies increase, you might want to invest in some more technical books. A few to explore:

Bible Handbook. Short articles on each significant topic, word, and individual from the Old and New Testaments. You will often find helpful summaries of Bible instruction.
Bible Concordance. While study Bibles supply an abridged concordance, it is possible to discover an unabridged concordance that helps you locate every occurrence of a specific word from the Bible. The best-known of them is Strong’s Concordance (based on the KJV) which defines each Hebrew and Greek word, also gives it a brief definition and a few. Now concordances are offered for the NIV and NASB including Strong’s numbering system. Bible commentaries provide an overview and conducting explanation of each book of the Bible. A fantastic place to start might be with a fairly recent one-volume comment on the whole Bible. Additionally, there are a number of cheap commentary collection available that cover every book in the Bible, if you would like to study a particular publication in greater depth.
Word Study tools include an interlinear New Testament that shows the Greek text on a single line and a literal English translation under it. A Greek-English Lexicon offers clear, precise definitions for each Greek word in the New Testament. Some of them are keyed to Strong’s numbers so they may be used by students who have not learned to read Greek letters. Similar sources are available for Hebrew as well.
Topical Bible. A topical Bible provides a fantastic many scripture references listed by subject. Great if you’re doing a topical or thematic Bible research.
Bible Atlas. An atlas contains over detailed maps. It also describes the geography and places of the Bible, usually with intriguing illustrations and archeological particulars.
These days many Bible study tools are available on the internet at no cost, including Crosswalk Bible Study Tools ( You might also buy excellent Bible study software on your PC. Should you require guidance on Bible study novels, ask your pastor or the manager of a Christian bookstore.

If you were to ask a carpenter to build a house with hand tools that he could probably get it done. But with power tools that the job will go more quickly so the carpenter will have enough time to cover the particulars. Bible study books are all tools which help reduce the time you’ll need spend on Bible learning, so you can get to the vital matters of your research — searching after God himself.

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